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A great medium knows nothing is more powerful than witnessing their work. Challenge Psychic Love Specialist today to make you a believer!

For many, the difference between a psychic and medium isn’t clear. Psychic is what most people refer to as our sixth sense, intuition, or more commonly, a gut feeling. We at Psychic Love Specialist believe in exercising that sense, and it’s what helps us be better readers for you, our client. Not everyone uses the psychic sense the same way, which is why our readers have different areas of expertise.

A medium is a person who has trained their psychic sense and has control over it. They are able to see through time and space to understand what is going on and help us make sense of it. This also means that our medium at Psychic Love Specialist is able to use their gifts at will to interact with entities on other planes and is an experienced tarot card reader.

Mediums are able to communicate with spirits or do healing work. At Psychic Love Specialist, our medium is educated in the spirit realm, and guides our clients through the process of attempting to connect with the spirits of loved ones who’ve passed on. Our medium can combine this with healing work, which is an important step in the path to moving on from troubled times.

At Psychic Love Specialist, our medium is also a paranormal investigator and can ascertain information about our clients and their lives, and what might be causing them distress. Mediums have different psychic delivery methods, and we do our best to explain to you what is happening so you have all the information needed.

If you’ve ever been curious about speaking with a medium in Houston, TX, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for. Call Psychic Love Specialist today for a reading.

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